Resort Sa Palawan Naipasara, Dayuhang Owner Umalis Rin Sa Bansa Upang Iwasan Ang Mga Kaso!

A woman who was deprived her maternity leave came all the way from Busuanga Palawan to ask help from Raffy Tulfo himself. Wendy Abia wanted to spend more time with her child as well as get her due benefits.

According to the woman, it was only a month after she gave birth but she was already working again. She said they did not know about the maternity leave although she is being given SSS, PhilHealth among other things. She worked for Coral Bay Beach Resort. When they called DENR, they said that they had already listed a couple of violations upon checking.

Raffy Tulfo had suggested that the resort be closed down until they further comply and fix their violations but to no avail. Prior to this, the foreigner who owned the Palawan resort was already nabbed for illegal possession of firearms. Foreigners are not allowed to legally possess firearms in the Philippines but the owner was allowed to pay bail and got free.

It was then revealed that their resort’s violations was raised to a higher level authority and is now being handled by the Pollution Adjudication Board, as the DENR was not pleased with the improvements that they had tried to do in order to fix or elevate their problems with regards to complying with the set of rules that are supposed to serve as healthy guides to a cleaner and greener environment. It was revealed that PAB will be stopping their operations ASAP.

Meanwhile Wendy Abia won her case against the company in the DOLE hearing. It was also revealed that Coral Bay Beach has closed done indefinitely alongside their website which no longer functions. The foreign owner, Mr. Ulf Winther has also left the scene and has not return for months since the said incident. His case with the illegal possession of fire arms remains in court with only his attorney attending the hearing.

Here are the thoughts of the netizens below. Read on to see whether you agree with them or not!

“Dalangin ko po mapanagot Ang foreigner na yun sa illegal position of firearm at Lahat ng violation ng beach report na pagmamay-ari nya. Sariling bayan natin,pinagkaperahan na nga sinisira pa ang kalikasan. Balahurang matanda!”

“Deport yang foreigner kong hindi mag obey ng law.”


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