PANOORIN: Nakakatawang prank ng anak sa kanyang nanay!

A son pulled a prank on his mother which ended on a hilarious note.

A netizen named Epifanio Dupax posted a prank video on his Facebook account which instantly went viral.

“Sorry ma #prank” the caption said.

The video started with him arranging and steadying the camera. Based on the video, it seemed like he was in the living room of their house because of the sofas.

After hearing his mother’s footsteps, the man went on with his acting stint. He sat on the floor and laid his head on one of the sofas. He pretended to be looking weak as if in pain. The man really tried his best to contain his laughter from what he was doing.

A few seconds later, his mother came and saw him in his situation. The woman left him for a while to get something to treat him. His mother came back with an oil liniment. She lifted his shirt up and applied and massaged a sufficient amount of oil to his stomach. The man continued to act as if in an exhausting pain.

After a while, he asked her mother for something to drink. As soon as the woman left, the man revealed a tall glass of milk hidden between the sofa chairs. He immediately drank its content and returned it to the place it was hidden.

His mother came back carrying a bottle of drink. But she was surprise to see her son suddenly puking white liquid from his mouth. The mother panicked and rushed to her son’s side. She proceeded to massaging his stomach again while the man pretended to be losing consciousness.

After a while, the man laughed. The mother immediately hit him realizing that her son was just messing with her. She blurted out words which is in a different language but it is safe to assume that she was reprimanding her son. The mother just walked out while her son was still laughing.

Many netizens found the video hilarious, but some think that it was a poorly executed joke. As of writing, the video already got 51k likes and reactions, and 40k shares on Facebook.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments:

“Di nakakatawa pra sa akin ha…. Nakakaawa yong mama mo…. Wat if atikihin sa takot yong mama mo???? Wag namang ganong prank”

“there’s no greater love than the mother’s love”

“hahaha animal ka pi”

Some netizens tagged their friends to share the video.

Watch it here:

Sorry ma 😂 #prank

Posted by Epifanio Đǖpåx on Friday, November 2, 2018

Source: Facebook 

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