Karla Estrada’s new haircut causes speculation

Actors and actresses may last in show businesses because of their talents and attitudes, but it cannot be denied that they also last in the business because of their physical looks and characteristics. Some of the factors that make these personalities and celebrities stand out may be their unique facial features, their incredibly fit physics, and sometimes, even their head of hair, among others.

The hair is claimed to be a person’s “crowning glory” by numerous hairstylists and sources. It is said to be a symbol of a person’s “identity” and is even connected to a person’s self – esteem and sometimes, self – worth, because of how both public and private it is since it can be seen by everyone yet it is deeply connected to the person.

This is why sometimes people associate “bad hair days” as the start of a “bad day” in general, as stated in an article by Huffington Post.

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Hair has communicated many meanings over the years such as “femininity” and “freedom and beauty” as well because of how long, luscious locks of hair is treated in the media and in communities, according to Huffington Post. This is also the reason why for some, getting an extremely different haircut from what a person is used to may symbolize an intense “change” or may be the beginnings of a new chapter in that person’s personal life.

So when celebrity mom and “Magandang Buhay” television host Karla Estrada posted a few selfies on her social media showing off her new short bob paired with blunt bangs reaching just her eyebrows, fans were quick to speculate as to what brought on the massive change in her hairstyle.

Estrada is known to have rocked a long, luscious, wavy hairdo in recent years, so this new haircut really alerted her fans and followers.

Some articles, such as one from, claim that people are saying it may be due to heartbreak. Estrada has not had any recent public romantic relationships and after being a single mother for quite some time now, some people are wondering if maybe this new haircut was because of a possible breakup or the like.

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This speculation followed after a photo of fellow actress Jodi Sta. Maria rocking a similar haircut with blunt bangs surfaced on social media. That change in haircut was claimed to have happened right after Sta. Maria broke up with Cavite Vice Governor Jolo Revilla, her boyfriend of eight years.

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Estrada has not yet talked about why she decided to drastically change her hairdo but her fans and followers all seem pretty happy about her decision.

What do you think of Karla Estrada’s new ‘do? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Source: Philstar

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