Inireklamo ng Isang Misis ang Kanyang Pulis Na Mister Na Lasenggo

Raffy Tulfo opened up a case about a woman complaining about her police husband who was physically violent to her.

“Nung kwan po sir, sinipa po ako sa dibdib. Nakainom po siya, tapos yung anak ko may make-up make-up tapos tulog po ako. Pinagwawarak po niya yung damit ng mga bata,” said the woman. She even said that this was not uncommon and would happen more often that she would have wished – but no one really wants to be physically hurt. The wife identified as Eireen was in utter tears and was breaking down through out the process

“Pag nakainom ako sir, sa akin lang, huwag na niya akong bungangaan,” explained the police. He then went on to say that when he drinks he does not have full control of himself.

Raffy Tulfo had then said that if that was the problem, then he should adjust and stop drinking all together because it was wrong for his wife to adjust to his drinking instead.

Their children do not want their mother to file a case against their dad regardless of Eireen wanting to do so. Audie—the police—went on to say that he does apologize to her.

Ultimately, after a long calming talk the two came into a resolution and hugged each other. It was then they realized that they truly loved each other except that the drinking had been getting in the way between the two. They had then made their amends and thought that this would be the best for everyone in the family. The police promised to to stop drinking.

“Ma, pasensya na. Hindi ko maalala yung ginawa ko,” said the police. She then forgave him.
Here are some of their comments below. Read on to see whether you agree with them or not!
“Tama po c sir raffy na wala talagang tamang maidudulot itong ating pag iinom..hahayyyy ako din minsan nasbrahan ng pag inum at nkalimotan ko na minsan alin ang tama at mali…kutrolin lang talaga ang iinum at lalonglalo pa pag may maraming barkada…god bless po c sir raffy!!!”

“Pasalamat ka kua my pag’mamahal pa sayO si misis kng wala
ang buhay mO kulungan ang bagsak mO! ang swrte pag’binigyan ka ng 2nd change!”
“Hindi pala alam ang ginagawa mo . Magbago ka. Kawawa misis mo at mga anak mo. Pulis kpa naman.. sana makulong ka ginawa mo.”

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