Mga nakacostume na guards sa malls, pinagmumulta ng P400,000

A mall in Quezon City was called out by the Philippine National Police – Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies (SOSIA) after their guards were spotted wearing costumes instead of uniforms.

According to the report of Jonathan Andal for News TV, the guards were being fined 400,000 pesos because of this act. According to Superintendent Jaime Santos of PNP SOSIA, security guards must always wear their prescribed uniforms so that they may be distinguished by mall folk incase there is an emergency.

The report further said that the unprescribed uniform, expired duty detail order as well as a lack of license to exercise security profession were some of the violations of the officers to be fined a total and whopping 400,000 pesos. Ultimately, this may be a case per case basis and not a standard for all because there is an accumulation of faults on the line.

In the meantime, people who were able to read the short report had been fuming over the unfairity of the rule stating that the mall should be held liable and responsible for this said rule. Here are some of the comments of the netizens below. Read on to see whether you agree with them or not!

“For sure it’s the mall na may pakana ng costume. I don’t think security agencies have budgets for costumes (lol they can’t even pay proper wages at times). Dapat yung mall ang magbayad ng fines.”

“Mali naman talaga. Any security agency knows this basic rule. Those who disregard, why? Are you above the law. Most probably, to satisfy the client, nacompromise naman ang compliance. Security Agencies are highly regulated, it’s part of the profession.”

“Sa mga free data po,dapat daw prescribed uniform daw para madali silang makilala nang mga tao in case of emergency at ang trabaho daw nang guard is magbigay nang seguridad at hindi para aliwin ang mga tao…. that’s all and I…. thank you. “

“400k na multa? Taon taon naka costumes ang guards. Noong nasa mall din ako pinag cocostume din namin mga guards. Ngayon 2018 lang at kung kelan magpapasko naisipan nyong sitahin? Ang laki nmng pang Christmas Party nyan…”

“ Anlaki. Ang pagmumulta ay dapat ipataw sa mall. Di sa mga SG. Anong kurakot na naman yan?!”

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