Mga kasabwat ng kapitan ng baranggay na nanakit sa 16-anyos na binatilyo, tukoy na!

The accomplices of the barangay chairman who hit a 16-year old teenager with brass knuckles and dry seal, alongside putting a gun on his mouth, were already identified by the authorities. Even the police officers who lousily responded to the incident were also fired from their job.

Recently, a 16-year old teenager filed a case against the barangay chairman, kagawads, and the tanods who ganged up on physically hurting him which resulted to him procuring major injuries. The incident happened in the barangay hall of Brgy. 350 in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

The incident started when the teenager mistakenly acknowledged the then-drunk chairman as a kagawad, which instantly made the latter flew into a temper.

The barangay chairman in question, Felipe “PJ” Falcon, Jr., is still hiding from the authorities.

The teenager is still suffering from injuries on his head so the team of Raffy Tulfo accompanied him to the Manila Doctors Hospital for a CT Scan. He was also given prescription antibiotics which the team immediately bought.

They also accompanied the teenager and his father, Renero Gelizon, to the office of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Under Secretary for Barangay Affairs, Martin Diño. He immediately ordered for the father and son to undergo the witness protection program. Diño also ordered the Public Attorney’s Office to provide legal assistance to the victim.

Through thorough investigation, the accomplices of Falcon were identified. They are barangay kagawad, Anthonnieffer Santiago, and barangay tanods namely Robinson Aldana Chavez and Michael Ricardo. All of them are from the nearby barangay and were said to be the drinking buddies of Falcon that night. Two more accomplices are yet to be identified. All of them were charged with cases in the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.

The police officers who lousily responded to the incident, PO1 Francisco Guzman, PO1 Glen Cawaling, and PO1 Ian Philip Blaza, were relieved from their job.

USec. Diño is already preparing for the hold departure order against Falcon so he would not be able to leave the country.

Tulfo contacted Dana Sandoval, the spokesperson of the Bureau of Immigration (BI). Sandoval said that the hold departure order should be issued by the court. After receiving it, the BI will immediately proceed to putting the name on their derogatory list, which will then prevent the suspects in running away from the country. BI will then turn over the suspects to the authorities.

Tulfo also conversed with Police Superintendent Marcelino Pedroso, OIC of the Manila Police District. Pedroso assured that there are police officers deployed at the airport in case Falcon attempted to leave. He also said that the manhunt for Falcon and his other accomplices are still ongoing.

USec. Diño gave a message to Falcon.

“Panawagan ko kay kapitan, sumuko ka na lang. Alam mo namang tayo ang nagpapatupad ng batas… Magpaka-lalaki ka! Ang tapang mo nung ginulpi mo ‘tong bata. Ngayon, panindigan mo.”


Source: RaffyTulfoInAction

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