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Jessy Mendiola reunites with her eldest sister after five years

One of the bittersweet moments of life is having to move away from your family and start living alone. It’s sweet because you get to experience a whole new kind of independence. But, it’s bitter because most days, you’re completely alone, and not everyone is comfortable with that thought. Besides that, it also means not seeing your family regularly like you used to. On Instagram, Kapamilya star, Jessy Mendiola posted a photo of her and her eldest sister Pamela Martinez.

Apparently, the two have not seen each other for five years. Based on Jessy’s post, her sister is working abroad and have just moved closer, to Okinawa, Japan to be exact. This was where their mini-reunion happened.

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On Instagram, Jessy wrote:

“Finally got to see my ate after 5 years!!! Sobrang namiss ko siya! Sobrang bilis ng panahon, huling naalala ko dalaga ka pa. Ngayon mommy and wife ka na! Love you ate Pampuy! I’m so glad you moved to Okinawa, mas malapit ka na samin! P.S. ganda mo padin kahit (sabi mo) haggard ka na sa motherhood lols!”

Pamela Mendiola, now Mrs. Pamela Martinez has a beautiful 8-month-old daughter. She is the eldest of three girls. Jessy is the middle child while their youngest sister’s name is Megan Mendiola. All of them were born from a Filipina mother and half Lebanese, half British father, which explains their complexion.

In an interview with Megan on “Magandang Buhay,” she was able to describe both of her older sisters. According to her, ate Pamela is your typical elder sister who is the more responsible and strict one. Jessy, on the other hand, was the super cool and ‘makunsinte’ kind of ate.

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It is very evident that the Mendiola sisters have a great bond. Whether they are separated by distance, we can be certain that they will continue to look out for each other no matter what. So, in conclusion, we must, as well, treat our siblings with much love and respect. Because at the end of the day, they will always be our best friends.

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