Inuubos Kaagad ng mga customer ang donut ng isang shop para makauwi ang may-ari sa kanyang asawang may sakit kaagad

Very loyal customers of a donut shop did a collective effort in order to help the elderly owners of the said shop. John and Stella Chan had opened a store named Donut City which is located in Seal Beach California. The shop had opened over three years ago and the elderly couple had always manned the shop themselves.

As time went on, their customers grew and also grew closer to them. Everybody who went to their shop and were regular customers were very used to seeing the couple together behind the counter.

This is the very same reason that concerned their patrons when they had only been seeing John behind the counter. He would even sometimes ask some of their customers to buy the donuts in dozens so that he may sell out the items quicker and close the shop earlier. He then revealed that his wife, Stella, was in the rehabilitation center after suffering a brain injury.

When his loyal patrons learned this, they did not have to be reminded or asked to buy in dozens and would often buy on their own accord. They had made sure that the donuts are done as soon as possible so that John can be there for his wife, Stella. Sooner or later, the donuts would be sold out at around 8AM and John could be with Stella immediately then and there!

While plenty of the netizens who were able to catch a whiff of the article were very happy at the sweet collective gesture that people have done for the man and his sick wife, there is an undeniable number of people who were rather jealous and wishful. They could not help but compare the situation to how it would fare when it had happened in the Philippines. Ultimately there are mixed reactions from the netizens in the comments section. Here are some of their comments. Read on to see whether you agree with them or not!

“ Sna meron din nyan dto pra lhat ng mga tao me mlasakit sa bwat isa…”

“Pag dito sa pinas babaratin pa yan, Lalo pag Alam nila na kailangan mo Ng pera, they will take advantage sa sitwasyon. Sad but true”

“Dito sa Pinas may kopitensya ka agad lalo pag mabilis mauboz, nku, kanan, kaliwa a sa harapan mo, may ngbebenta na rn. Hahaha”

“God bless all these kind people”

“Buti s usa buhay n buhay ang pag babayanihan”

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