Imelda Papin Shares Observations Before Rico J’s Passing

“Alam niyo naman si Rico. Kaming dalawa talaga ang partners. Kami ang unang unang nabigyan ng Jukebox King and Queen na title dito sa showbiz natin. So ako ang ini-approach to invite our colleagues na magsama-sama for the last wake of Rico J, kasi siyempre yung pinagsamahan namin hindi mawawala yon.”

Imelda had spoken about the one of the last concerts the two had shared together. She said that she had noticed something about the late singer during her 40th year anniversary in Solaire. According to Imelda, Rico J Puno did not look good that night.

The following concert was in Resorts World and she had seen Rico frail and weak. Around this time, he had already needed a pacemaker for his heart. She said that she had offered her help to the man, but he refused because he was still recovering from the last time he went to the hospital and had only wanted to consume liquids during that moment.

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Imelda Papin was part of the ensemble who gave a tribute to Rico J. Puno’s last night in the wake. Netizens generally had mixed reactions to the revelations that were given by Imelda Papin. Here are some of the comments, read on to see whether you agree with them or not.

“Ang masakit isipin para sakin e. May sakit na sya bakit pinagtatrabaho pa. Sana pinagpahinga na sya ng mga anak nya naman pinapag concert pa tuloy e hirap na yan sa paghinga sa pagkanta pa kaya”

“Rico is a good person no pride and he us very humble ok lang oto oto in sya wl tlgang pride. Rico God save u from his kingdom am sure it…”

“May napansin ako sa mga taong malapit ng [sumakabilang buhay]. They are bloated at nangigitim ang mukha and look sad kahit naka smile. That’s what I noticed Kay Rico J. Puno when I first saw his interview about his coming concert after his heart surgery. I didn’t even recognized him I thought something was done to his face. Same things happened to my husband, a jolly guy, who [passed on due to a terminal illness]. RIP.”

“Actually [coming home] is not [by mistake] every one of us God set a limit of our life staying on earth.Nasusulat sa aklat ni Job 14:5 “Sa simula pa’y itinakda na ang kanyang araw, at bilang na rin ang kanyang mga buwan, nilagyan mo na siya ng hangganan na hindi niya kayang lampas an”

Do you agree with the comments? Let us know what you think in the comments section provided below!

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