Flight attendant praised after breastfeeding a crying infant on board

During airplane rides, flight attendants are undoubtedly hands-on when it comes to assisting the needs of passengers. However, this flight attendant went beyond the call of her duty by voluntarily breastfeeding a crying baby on board.

Patrisha Organo shared the rare yet memorable experience of her exciting job on Facebook. On November 6, she knew that her scheduled check flight for that day would be special. After all, once the assessment turned great, she will qualify as a Cabin Crew Evaluator which she considered as a huge step on her flying career.

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After the plane took off, Patrisha started to hear the cries coming from an infant. She approached the mother who was holding the wailing toddler in her arms. Upon seeing the situation, the sweet flight attendant suggested that it would be best to feed the baby. However, the mother already ran out of milk formula. To make things more worrisome, there was no available milk inside the plane.

Good thing, Patrisha is not only a flight attendant but also a mom of one and a breastfeeding advocate. She offered her milk then brought the baby to an area where she could breastfeed.

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The infant stopped from crying after feeding on her milk. Thanks to this woman’s help, the nervous mother was obviously filled with relief. Once they were done the feeding, Patrisha assisted them back to their seat. Of course, the mother expressed her utmost gratitude towards the generous woman.

It is not surprising anymore that she got the well-deserved promotion. Moreover, she also received a priceless sense of fulfillment by helping out another mother and her precious baby who were in need.

Meanwhile, netizens praised her for going the extra mile in helping the mother and her child. Take a look at some of their comments.

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