Ben Tulfo, binigyan na lamang ng payo ang binatang inireklamo ang natalong kaso

A 23-year old man went to Bitag to seek help for his case which happened three years ago, but Tulfo opted to just give him a piece of advice.

Jerome, the 23-year old victim, together with his father, sat down with Bitag’s host, Ben Tulfo, to talk about his case. Jerome said that three years ago, he was physically hurt by a man named Ronaldo de Leon. He procured injuries especially on his head which resulted to him being hospitalized for a day to treat his wounds and bruises.

He was only 20 years old that time and was just new to their neighborhood. He was on his way home around 11:00 PM from his classmates’ house where they finished a project. As he approached his house, he found a man sitting just outside their house while smoking a cigarette. He was about to open the door of their house, but he was surprised to see that the mysterious man was now behind him.

The man suddenly asked him where he lives to which the latter responded “dito lang po” while pointing to their house. The man still insisted and Jerome said “Dito lang po kila Kuya Ronald,” probably referring to a neighbor or their landlord.

Out of nowhere, the man suddenly punched him on the face and started hitting him more. Jerome said that a man he called Tatay Carlo had witnessed the incident.

But Jerome’s reason on resorting to Bitag was to complain about the fiscal. He said that the fiscal put the blame on him on why he lost his case.

Just when you thought that Tulfo will proceed on doing what should be done, he blatantly told the victim, “Basura ang kaso niyo.”

He said that the case lacks evidences and the tribunal already gave their verdict. Tulfo said that it was not something he should meddle with. He emphasized that there is a reason why his case lost and he could not do anything about it.

Tulfo told Jerome that he should not complain about the fiscal since they stood by him during his case. He said that it would be much better for Jerome to completely forget about what happened and just move on from it, saying that it would be harder for Jerome if he continues to pursue a hopeless case which lacks sufficient evidence.

But Tulfo commended the boy’s courage and advised him to use it to focus on his studies. He even suggested that Jerome should be a marine or a soldier.



Source: Youtube

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