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Photo of the first “hiker” at the dangerous GMA Kamuning footbridge goes viral

We can all agree that our generation has used social media as a tool to raise their concerns and issues. Recently, another problem has been brought up by netizens regarding the dangerous footbridge at GMA Kamuning. Many of them took note of the 10-meter high traverse that goes over the MRT rails. Many people immediately called out the attention of the Metropolitan Manila Development (MMDA) to resolve the problem.

Amid the issue, one netizen took the chance to make a hilarious meme, which immediately went viral.

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Facebook user, Jeremy Layson, decided to edit the photo of his friend, Mercy Caba, as the first to climb the dangerous footbridge. Mercy was holding a Philippine flag atop the unfinished footbridge. Upon uploading, it immediately brought laughs to the internet. His photo gained thousands of likes and shares from people who found his creation hilarious.

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During his interview with PEP, Jeremy explained the reason behind the photoshopped photo. He said that editing his friend, who loves hiking, would definitely have a humorous outcome. Although he didn’t expect it to be viral, he was happy to see that many were entertained by his photo.

Like him, Mercy was also surprised at how viral her photo has gone. She said that Jeremy didn’t notify her of using her photo but she’s already used to it. Besides getting entertained, Mercy also believes that Jeremy’s photo has also addressed the problem.

Both of them believes that the traverse is extremely dangerous especially for the elderly and people with disabilities. People who also have fear of heights wouldn’t be able to access this footbridge. Like these two, many people are also requesting for the MMDA to review their construction.

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