Close friends Maja Salvador and John Lloyd Cruz were spotted together

Most of us have friends that we are really close with. We treat them like our sister or brother because you know that they have your back no matter what. These friends could be our high school or college friends.

As time goes by, we all grow up and go our own ways. Most of us become busy and get preoccupied with our own work and activities that we don’t get to hangout with our friends anymore.

These kinds of friends also know us very well, and even if we do not see them that often, the strong friendship still remains. Catching up with always feel like you haven’t seen each other in a long time.

This is how John Lloyd Cruz and Maja Salvador’s friendship is like.

Maja and John Lloyd’s friendship started when they worked in the box-office hit movie, One More Chance, where they also worked with Bea Alonzo. Maja’s character, Trisha, became Popoy’s (John Lloyd’s character) girlfriend after he and Basha (Bea’s character) broke up.

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As years go by, the two celebrities became so much closer. Just like any other showbiz friendahip between an actor and an actress, John Lloyd and Maja’s frienship did not go unnoticed by the media and even their fans.

The two were issued to be dating way back in 2016 because of their closeness.

This issue was sparked when Maja posted a photo of her and John Lloyd on her Instagram account. They were on a vacation in Davao during that time and Maja even put a hashtag that says #HelloLloydy.

In an interview with, Maja revealed that she is so thankful for their friendship that does not get affected by any issues that are thrown at them.

“Kami naman yung tipo ng magkaibigan na hindi nagpapapaekto sa kung anumang malisya ang ibigay ng ibang tao, ng news o anuman.”

Ever since John Lloyd settled down and took a break from show business, we have not seen much of his activities lately.

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Recently, John Lloyd was spotted with Maja Salvador and their Star Magic handler, Nenette Rustia.

Nenette posted on her Instagram account a picture of hee with Maja & John Lloyd with a caption that says, “Thank you for keeping in touch! Sana madalas dalas tayo magkota ngayon hindi lang sa txt Hahaha! alam mong mahal kita my panganay [John Lloyd] and im happy for what you are now, andito lang ako hindi nagbabago kung anu ang pinagsamahan natin mula nuon hanggang ngayon! Love you anak! (panganay at bunso)”

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Maja said that their meet-up was just a personal catching up session and did not have anything to do with work.

The actress didn’t say what they talked about.

“Sa ‘kin na lang yun. Nakita niyo naman kung gaano kaganda ‘yung awra nila ngayon. Ayun he’s very, very, very happy.”

Source: ABS-CBN

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