Jinri Park returns with a fitter and finer physique as FHM’s Muse for November 2018

FHM Philippines proudly featured one of their royalties, Jinri Park as their Muse for November 2018. Jinri Park has been with FHM from the beginning, she has been a loyalist, as some would say, ever since. Her profile title is “Jinri Park in control,” and her photos and videos were all shot inside a gym.

According to the writer of the article, he described the shoot with Jinri as disingenuous. Apparently, the model in real life is not a fan of gyms and finds using its equipment boring. But even with that in mind, her photos and feature video all came out sizzling hot.

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From the interview, it appeared that FHM is slowly transitioning from magazine covers to creating digital Muse. Jinri Park expressed her sadness finding out about FHM not producing any printed materials.

“It was an end of an era, but there’s also a new online era coming and I’m excited for that as well.”

Furthermore, Jinri thanked the people behind FHM for giving her the “big break” she had been waiting for back when she was still a newbie. According to her, everything else followed once she was featured in the magazine. She also believes that FHM venturing to digital media is a good step for the magazine.

“People still know me as sexy, but I think I’ve ventured into a lot of other things.”

Jinri shared that besides modeling she has ventured into creating video contents for Youtube. She revealed that she always wanted to become a Youtuber but was just too lazy to do so. Now. she hired someone to take the videos for her and admitting that it motivates her to create content.

During the course of the interview, she was also able to share her new found passion, martial arts. Apparently, she is a blue belter for a popular form of martial arts, jiujitsu. Besides that, she also owns and manages an app called Wagtales. It is basically for pet owners to track the nearest vet or groomer. It also has an adopt-a-dog in partnership with PAWS and CARA.

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With so much on her plate, Jinri Park left everyone a piece of advice she learned throughout her life:

“Before, I would do things that I didn’t want to do. I would take on some things that were half-forced. But I’ve learned after becoming more mature that you have to do things you enjoy. If you don’t, you’re going to be miserable.”

Watch the video below:

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