Naospital ang isang dalaga matapos malulong sa kanyang cellphone

In this current generation and with a big chunk of the population dependent on their gadgets and the internet, there is no denying that we take our cellular phones everywhere we go. We reach for it the first thing in the morning be it to check the time or to turn off the alarm, and it is also with us until we go to bed right after we scrolled through different social media platforms. It is a sad fact to understand and accept that plenty of us have been relying to our gadgets too much.

One might even argue that we cannot live without our gadgets anymore. But before you go on agreeing, perhaps this story of a poor teenager would change your mind about the excessive gadget use. A worried citizen took to Facebook to share the ill fate of her younger sister. According to the said post, her younger sister ever went out the house and had the habit of just being glued to her phone and using it nonstop.

Furthermore, the teenager even skipped dinner just so she can spend more time using her phone. The bad habit led to several problems and proved to be very detrimental to her overall health.

The said post by Sarena Singian warned several others when she narrated that her younger had woken up fine but had been dizzy and light headed a few moments in. She then began throwing up. She eventually dropped to the floor and suddenly had a seizure. This alarmed the family and had rushed the young girl to the hospital were the doctors had examined her condition. It was then revealed that the woman has experienced severe dehydration and her blood pressure was very low as well.
Several of the photos uploaded by Sarena showed how her sister was still unconscious in the hospital bed although reports have stated that she is now recovering.

Netizens took this as a wake-up call and hoped that it may serve as a lesson for everyone who neglects their health over their phones. Here are some of their comments.“Wake up call sa magulang”
“Nasa tao din kasi yan, Wala yan sa gadgets. Kung may control ka sa sarili mo hindi ka makakaranas ng kung ano ano!”
“Nalipas lang ng gutom yan, bumaba ang potassium niya”
“Kaya dapat taung magulang bigyan lng ntin ng oras ang pag ccp ng anak ntim tapos kunin muna para sure na natigil sila.”


Source: TNP

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