Landslide, kamuntikang tabunan ang isang bus! Pasahero, nagawang kuhanan ng video ang pagguho!

An actual footage of a landslide was caught on camera by a bus passenger in Benguet.

A netizen named Kersee Sanggoy Masillem posted a video on Facebook which showed an actual landslide happening in Man-asok, Buguias, Benguet. She was one of the passengers of a bus traversing the road where the incident happened.

Benguet is known for having zigzagging roads which are deemed unsafe by vehicles due to the huge risk of having road-related accidents. One of the things that could happen while traveling to the northern part of the country is the unexpected landslides.

As seen from the video, the bus Kersee was riding was just a few feet away from where the rocks started falling. At first, small rocks and pebbles were falling from the mountain side, but soon enough, huge masses of land, soil, rocks, and even trees, were sliding down onto the road.

The landslide was gradually blocking the road entirely with all its debris and was slowly inching towards the vehicle. The people riding the bus started to panic. Fortunately, the driver was able to maneuver the bus backwards and away from the landslide.

Based on the reports, there were other vehicles behind the said bus but none were harmed from the incident.

According to the Mines and Geo Sciences Bureau, a landslide might be a result of strong and continuous torrential rain, or as an aftermath of an earthquake.

The netizens who commented on the video reminded the others to always be careful especially when traveling to places like Benguet. Some thought that the driver should not have waited for the incident to occur before driving away to safety.

But Kersee explained the reason why it was impossible for the driver to drive backwards immediately.

“hindi po nai atras ng buz driver kaagad kasi may nakatotok na fx sa likod ,naka-off pa yong makina”

Here are some of the other comments on the Facebook post:

“Muntik pakayo ma tabonan! Imbes na lumayo nakayo dahil piligro may pa vedio2 pakayo haayyyy nako”

“Oh my God grabe,buti naka atras kayo…sana walang natabunan,meron pa motor don nakaparada..”

“pag nag sidecut ka sa gilid ng bundok to make new roads, prone to landside yan talaga hanggang di nagstabilize yung gilid nung bundok”

“Bakit d gumawa ng paraan lokal government dyan? Tapyasan ung mga landslide prone area dyan. Hindi ung mag aabang nlang ng may guguho at makaka disgrasya pa.”


Watch the video clip here:

Man-asok, Buguias, Benguet Video taken by me. ….hindi po nai atras ng buz driver kaagad kasi may nakatotok na fx sa likod ,nakapatay pa yong makina #God's GraceATM slide on the way..Yngat sa kasama kong biahera biaHerosBlooming hill Express (BHE)

Posted by Kersee Sanggoy Masillem on Saturday, November 3, 2018

Source: Updatedtayo

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