Breathtaking photos of Bela on her vacation trip puts her fans at ease while missing her on screen.

Bela Padilla is undeniably one of the most beautiful faces in the world of Philippine entertainment. It is definitely impossible to avoid getting drawn to her enchanting beauty and be captivated with her stunningly sexy body. Bela is a certified head turner whenever people sees her in person and even when they happen to come across with some of her photos online.

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Aside from her fine figure and charming looks, a lot of people admires Bela Padilla because of her multi-facedtedness. Bella have shared a lot of her talents in the showbiz industry for almost ten years of her career as an actress. She already had showcased her skills in acting with several TV shows and movies that she worked with. However, a lot of her fans adored her even more after she exposed her amazing talent in writing scripts and her incredible ability to produce high quality films that greatly fascinated numerous viewers. Several screenwriting credits were given to Bela with movies like namely 10,000 Hours (2013), Camp Sawi (2016), Luck at First Sight (2017), and Last Night (2017).

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Bela was also able to write a book filled with a hundred poems titled “100 Tula ni Bela,” which was inspired by the romantic film along with JC Santos that she also starred in. She is also known to be a great dancer with her incredible moves which was showcased on the Sunday variety show ASAP.

The Kapamilya actress has always been full of passion with her own craft. What’s more admirable with her personality is her boldness to come out and try new things for her to enjoy.

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Recently, Padilla have tried to explore her talent in hosting after being featured as a guest co-host of the noontime variety show It’s Showtime. Within the show she was also able to impress the viewers with her energetic personality and great sense of humor.

However, a lot of her fans were already missing her presence on the noontime show after she decided to take a leave for a relaxing vacation. With that being said, you can take a look at her breathtaking photos from her vacation to somehow put you at ease while waiting for her comeback on your TV screens.

With Bela on vacation, what are the things that you mostly miss about her on screen? Share your comments below.

Source: ABS-CBN

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