Kawawa naman tong taxi driver na ito na di pa naliligo dahil kinulang sa boundary

A lot of passengers usually complain about taxi drivers asking for extra charge in their trip to their destination. Yes, it is certainly not allowed by the law and they can be reported to authorities for doing this but passengers must understand that taxi drivers have to meet their boundary or profit quota for the taxi company they are working for.

These companies are serious with the observance of quotas they will not hesitate to terminate their driver if they failed to meet their respective boundary.

This is what former taxi driver Quint Ariel Dolauta experienced and he described his life is now harder than before.

He went to Raffy Tulfo’s public service program Raffy Tulfo in Action to seek help in repaying his debt to his former taxi company City Star Cruise for not meeting his boundary. He also asked for some help as he admitted that he hasn’t changed his clothes and bathed for a week.

Quint Ariel said he failed to meet the boundary for two days because he sent the money he earned to his wife who is suffering from an ailment. He knows that he is going to fail in meeting the boundary but he must think first of his wife’s welfare.

The show then called Wilven Bien, the assistant dispatcher of City Star Cruise. According to him, Quint Ariel not only failed to reach the boundary but he has no receipts to prove that he gave the money to his wife. In response, Quint Ariel said that he handed the money personally.

Wilven also told Raffy that even if Ariel pays his debt, he cannot have his job back at their company because he was already let go. Quint Ariel then begged to be let go so that he can have a new job but the company told him to pay his debt first.

Raffy then haggled and paid Quint Ariel’s debt to the company from his own pocket. The show’s team also assisted Quint Ariel in retrieving his clothes from the company office.
Netizens thought the company was harsh with what they did to Quint Ariel.

“Naaawa ako kay tatay…hindi basta bsta nakakaboundry ung nga taxi drivers kasi mas uso na grab at angkas ngayon…hindi ko din masisisi si kuya kung bakit nakakapos sya sa boundary at pambigay sa pamilya niya,” Youtube user Cheese Cupcake said.

“from now on i will not ride any city cruise taxi, they don’t care about their drivers, you should have a warning first before you terminate, wala man nga kang separation fee,” Mary Ann Ablan said.


Source: Youtube

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