Romnick Sarmenta attends graduation of rumored girlfriend after his separation with Harlene Bautista

During the 80’s, Romnick Sarmenta has become one of the most sought-after heartthrobs in the entertainment industry. Because of his impressive acting skills, this veteran actor has already received tons of awards and recognition. Besides his career’s success, Romnick is also blessed to have a happy family with his now-former wife, Harlene Bautista. That’s why their sudden separation immediately shocked many people.

Romnick was also spotted with his rumored new partner in Novotel, Araneta Center, Cubao. Photos of the two immediately circulated the web and have caught the attention of the public.

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According to reports, the woman was no other than Jessy Lou Lucero. Both of them attended her graduation day at the International Academy of Aesthetic Science. With her fair skin and stunning features, there’s no doubt that she can easily attract hundreds of men including the actor himself.

His relationship with Jessy Lou doesn’t bother his ex-wife. In fact, during her interview with PEP, Harlene clarified that they ended in good terms and that they’re still friends. The couple has spent 19 years together before coming up with the heartbreaking decision.

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She also said that she still loves her former partner but unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work out. Although there are claims for a third party, Harlene strongly denied these rumors. The couple still chose to remain friends and has decided to open their hearts to other people.

“Romnick and I have five beautiful children, whom we love and treasure very much – we have spent many years together as best friends and partners in everything that we have done. We will always be great friends if not the best of friends,” she said.

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