Anne Curtis Finally Spends Long Overdue Honeymoon With Husband Erwan Heussaff

The showbiz industry is a very busy world for many people. The celebrities are one of the ones who work very hard during tapings and filming of certain shows. They give their best to make sure that they give justice to the roles or part that were given to them. They make sure that they perform better and best every day. And as a result, they sometimes forget that they need their own personal time.

Anne Curtis is probably one of the busiest showbiz personalities we have today. It can be said that she is an in-demand artist that is why one can see her in left and right events and shows. The host and the actress can be considered as a very successful personality but nothing can stop her from doing what she is passionate to do.

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Anne married Erwan Heussaff sometime in November 2017. But did you know that their honeymoon has been postponed for a year? Yes you’ve heard it right.

Anne and Erwan decided and agreed to have their honeymoon one year after their wedding. The reason is that Anne became too busy and she has too many schedules to follow. Because of her nmeorus shows and films, she barely had dinner with Erwan.

In fact in one interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal, Anne even said that Erwan is very patient as he also agreed to postpone their honeymoon to give way to her projects.

And it seemed that the two already had their time for each other as they flew to South Africa to spend their very long overdue honeymoon. The two had been very active sharing their journey together and fans could not help but admire them as a married couple. They perfectly showed how patience is really worth everything.

See their latest pictures below:

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