LOOK: Low-profile John Lloyd, Ellen spotted at grocery store by fans

A lot of people aspire to become a part of the showbiz industry to showcase their good looks, talent and at the same time earn from it. Some people wish to become famous just like their idols while others think of it as an opportunity to inspire the viewing public especially those who have humble beginnings.

But celebrities could agree to the fact that being in the limelight could also be overwhelming at some point, fame also has its price to pay including one’s privacy since most fans and supporters would always want to get a piece of their idol’s lives.

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That is why when award-winning actor John Lloyd Cruz decided to take a break from the showbiz industry, a lot of his colleagues understand and supported his decision to have a private life.

This decision prompted after rumours speculated that the actor and top-billed endorser have impregnated sexy actress and model Ellen Adarna.

Almost a year after being in hiatus from the spotlight, John Lloyd and Ellen has been spotted living a simple life.

Just recently, a fan shared some snaps of John Lloyd while inside a grocery store and wearing a laid-back outfit of tank top and shorts while Ellen was also spotted in the same grocery store sporting a low-profile look in her all-black outfit.

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The said photos were posted in a Facebook fan page dedicated to the couple but it was not mentioned when and where the photos were taken.

This is not the first time that John Lloyd was seen enjoying his simple and private life, earlier he was also spotted riding a jeepney, buying fruits at a wet market, and enjoying his snacks in the sidewalk.

Both Ellen, John Lloyd, and people close to them have been very quiet about the status of the couple, they have also remained mouth-zipped in addressing rumours about their relationship including plans of getting married and sharing a home together.

The only speculation that was proven true is that Ellen already gave birth to their child last June 2018. This information was confirmed by Ellen’s lawyer to justify his client’s absence in several legal proceedings in a recent complaint filed against her.

It could be recalled that mother-and-daughter tandem recently sued Ellen after the latter maid claims on social media that the young woman was taking unauthorized snaps of her and John Lloyd inside a restaurant.

Later on, the non-showbiz young lady defended herself saying that she was not taking snaps of the celebrity couple and just merely taking a video of her boyfriend and the restaurant’s surroundings.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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Source: ABS-CBN

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