These Celebrities Under 30 Years Old Are Able To Build Their Own Homes

Owning a house is considered by many as a huge investment. It is very important that a person will have a house that he can call as his own. House is a basic need that people should be preparing before having because it is a huge responsibility. Although it is sometimes risky, owning a house is a good move.

Even fans and supporters of celebrities and personalities measure the success of their idols through the houses that they own or invest to. It is inevitable in showbiz not to share the homes of these celebrities because people want to see how a day goes by in their lives.

Below is a short list of celebrities who are able to own their own houses at the age of less than 30 years old.


-Janine’s success in showbiz allowed her to own a posh condominium unit. Her numerous projects and her countless endorsements paved way for her to be able to invest in a home she can call as her own. Her condo was featured in Yes Magazine in its 2016 issue.


-Loisa recently expressed elation with the fact that at the age of 19, she is able to purchase her own home. In an interview, she mentioned that she did not expect that she will be able to have her own home as young as 19.


-Megan is very close to her goal of owning her own apartment. Many of her fans are excited to see how she will design her house like a real queen.


-Julia, as young as 21, is very excited to see how her home would be built into a huge abode. Her numerous projects and endorsements helped her achieve her dream of owning her own home.


-Darren has been in the showbiz industry for years and her success just allowed him to have his dream house. He shared the picture of the location of his future home.


-Laureen is a social media influencer and blogger who is able to design her own apartment in 2016.

Credits: GMA

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