Former Pinoy Big Brother Housemate Announces Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting moments in the life of a married woman. Expecting your own little angel to come brings joy and happiness to a couple. Being able to conceive a wonderful child is the most precious gift from God. And so announcing your pregnancy to the people close to you is really an incredible experience.

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemat, Cora Waddell finally announced that she is already pregnant with husband, Terrence Lloyd. The two has been the subject of controversial rumors claiming Cora is already conceiving their first child. And so fans were buzzed when Cora finally revealed the truth.

In their Youtube vlog, titled “Babies on the brain! Are the pregnancy rumors true!?”, Cora answered the rumors about her pregnancy. She is very happy to share that her results read positive and reaffirmed that she is really carrying her first child. She already had her ultrasound sessions but the gender of the baby would only be known for the next months.

“veryone’s excited, it’s the first grand baby. It’s the first great grand baby,” Cora’s excitement can be seen transcending in her eyes as she uttered those words.

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However, Cora also admitted that her husband Terrence would soon be leaving for Australia to take care of a business matter. She said she is going to miss her husband.

“Terrence is going to Australia for a while, he has his business over there. But I will still be here, I will probably be vlogging even more because I gotta fill up my time here, being pregnant and crazy. And we will meet back up when my belly is really big and make some more plans”

Terrence also released a short but very meaningful post in his Instagram account.

“I am very excited for this chapter of my life. As a loving husband and as a proud father,”

Cora and Terrence once surprised their followers and fans when Cora posted what seemed to be an ordinary vlog. However, at the end of it, she showed clips from her private wedding with Terrence in a civil ceremony in Australia.

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