Mar Roxas, A Proven Hope for the Philippines

“It’s not about me, it’s not about anyone. It’s about how we love our country and we’ll do all that we can for her. She’s the only one.” These words are from a humble man whose only intentions and aspirations are for a better Philippines. Mar Roxas does not only believe this is possible, but is also working hard to achieve his goals. Known to the masses as Mr. Palengke, the ever reliable man is more than the funny, family loving guy with vlog updates, that we’ve surely grown to love over the years.

Known to many as Mr. Palengke, the man has achieved more than his reliable and relatable appeal filled with much positivity. True to his nature and sincere love for the people, several award-giving organizations with high esteem have recognized and seen his efforts. For one, Mar Roxas is recognized by the World Economic Forum as “one of the Global Leaders of Tomorrow who are expected to shape the future” in 1996. In 1999, he was dubbed as the “Political Leader of the Millennium” by AsiaWeek Magazine. His several accolades go on and on as he holds office for longer.

To boot, the multifaceted leader has filed a total of 161 bills as a lawmaker in the lower house, 14 of which were passed into law. These include but are not limited to the law granting tax exemption to minimum wage earners, EVAT Funds for Education and Healthcare, Amendments to the Roxas Law which is also known as the Fair and Equitable Access to Education Act. A law that to aims to eliminate the problem of classroom shortages in the Philippines, alongside the enhancement of school buildings and classrooms across the Philippines. Mar Roxas has proven time and again to be an effective lawmaker who has his priorities in check and his heart in the right place.

It is not only reassuring to know that we have a leader who is honest and able, but also hope fueling to follow suit. They say a leader is often a reflection of his actions and followers, we know the Philippines will be in good hands with Mar Roxas.

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