This Clip From A TV Series Went Viral Because Of The Nurse’s Advance Reaction

Many Filipinos love to watch local TV series. There are numerous TV series or teleserye that our TV networks offer us especially mothers of the household as they are considered as the major consumer of this kind of shows. There are a lot of teleserye that became very iconic in the country. Some of them originated from the Philippines while some of them originally came from the countries such as Mexico. China and Korea.

In fact, soap operas were created so that soap companies before can use the TV as a medium for advertisement. Soap operas or TV series in the Philippines even have its own formula. Many people consider a Filipino TV series only Filipino if it has too much drama, if there’s betrayal, if there’s a rich person falling in love to the poor one, if there’s a right amount of cheating and if there are lost children who do not know their parents.

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For some Filipinos, these criteria or formula is only a joke but if you are going to study the T series that became very famous in the Philippines, you would actually discover that these themes actually exist from them. They are perceived as the success formula of Atv SERIES.

One of the longest running TV series in Philippine TV today is “Ang Probinsyano”, top-billed by Coco Martin. The TV series has been running for more than three years now and yet viewers are still interested and hooked up with what will happen next.

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But recently, a short clip from this TV series went viral after it showed an epic moment when a nurse who is inside an ambulance gave an “advance” reaction when bullets are supposed to hit them. The video already gained thousands of reactions and shares from many social media users.

It can be seen in the clip that the ambulance where the nurse was boarded was being chased by an armed group of men. When they reached each other in an encounter, the armed men started to call shots. And the camera saw how the nurse reacted.

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Here are the comments from the netizens:

Watch the video below:

Yung nauna pa si ateng nurse na mawalan ng malay kahit di naman sya tinamaan ng bala.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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