This Man Pranks His Girlfriend Which Made Her Cry So Hard

When we decided to get ourselves into a relationship, it means we are ready to face everything that will happen next. Many people consider entering a relationship as a lifetime commitment. They give more than 100% of themselves in hopes that they will receive the same amount of love in return.

Our ultimate goal in a relationship is to make it last until we spend our future with our partners. We look forward to that very special day where we have to recite our vows in front of many people close to our hearts and in front of the Lord who made the way to let you meet in the first place.

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But of course, not all relationships have this beautiful ending. There are couples who need to move on with their separate lives because it will be the best for both of them. Break ups are always painful but they will always be a part of every relationship.

This guy below just made himself realize how much his girlfriend love him because of a prank he pulled on her. Youtube video creator Christian Merck Grey pranked his girlfriend as he pretended to be asking for space and ultimately, for a break from their relationship.

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At the beginning of the video, Christian explained that the prank is actually an answer to the prank that his girlfriend pulled on him. Christian was pranked by his girlfriend as she pretended to be pregnant. And because he was fooled and messed up by his own girlfriend, he started to create his revenge.

When Christian’s girlfriend was already beside him, he explained the reason why he does not want any relationship at the moment. He said that he wants to be alone on everything he does. From doing his video blogs up to his own time, he wanted no one beside him.

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Upon hearing these words and these excuses, the girl started to cry.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

Watch the video below:


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