Erich Gonzales does a music video with Thai recording artist Marco Maurer

In 2010, everyone fell in love with Nam and Shone in “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Two years later, Mario Maurer, who played the role of Shone, did a project with Erich Gonzales and Star Cinema in the film “Suddenly It’s Magic.”

Now, Erich Gonzales had just finished doing a music video cover shoot with yet another Thai personality who happens to be Mario Maurer’s brother. Sunday, October 7, Marco Maurer went to the country to shoot his video for his upcoming song “Won’t Let You Go.” And he has chosen Erich Gonzales to be his leading lady.

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On Erich’s Instagram account, she shared many outtakes from their shoot. She posted a photo of her and Marco standing in front of a helicopter. She also posted a lot of on her Instagram story the entire duration of their shoot. She was seen in a convertible car with Marco. Prior to that, they had a video together calling out Mario Maurer.

Marco Maurer is currently working on his upcoming album “MAD.” It is set to be released in Thailand soon.

Marco was born in Germany, his father his German while his mother was Chinese-Thai. He graduated from Assumption University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Communications Advertising.

Since high school, this half German half Thai guy had always had a passion for rap music. He started listening and composing his own rhymes. It was in 2003 when he finally got the chance to prove himself by featuring on one of Thailand’s famous rapper’s rap song.

In a short period of time after that, he became Thailand’s number one underground MC called “Dajim”. He was the only underground artist who was able to become the most well known in MC. and the rest, as they say, is history.

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In a matter of weeks or months, we will get to see what Erich and Marco have worked on. But until then, maybe we can binge on “Suddenly It’s Magic” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love?”

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