This Girl Went Viral After Cleaning Other People’s Mess In A Fastfood Chain

Many of us are fans of fastfood chains. We love to order our food from out favorite fastfood outlet because we want to enjoy our meal together with the convenience it brings. There are times when we are only after the convenience they offer and not the actual food. This is most especially to those who are too busy with their daily tasks.
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It is not always that we get what we expect. Sometimes, we are left with no choice but to accept what these services can only give. There are many reasons to consider whenever fastfood chains fail to offer the convenience we are looking for. And to be fair, we sometimes need to understand them.

One of the mahor factors that affects the quality of service of these fastfood chains is their personnel. Their crews are not machines but humans as well who feel the gravity and pressure of doing everyday work. Not to mention that SOME fastfood companies are not compensating them fairly and most of the time, they are just on contractual services.

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This is just one of the thing we have to consider whenever we think of complaining or whenever we think that we are not getting the service that we paid for. Instead of slamming the door to the faces of the crews, it would be better to know first if they are hapoy with their work.

A video is starting to get viral on the internet after it showed a young lady having the initiative to clean their table in a certain fastfood chain. Another voice in the background is hinting that the used plates and utensils were used by the customers who came prior to them. And since no one is assisting them, they chose to clean the table themselves.

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The young lady showed her initiative as she cleaned other people’s mess without any complain. She picked up the used untensils and arrange them nicely. She then picked up the utensils and handed them to a crew she saw before the counter. The young girl then sat back again where she was and then plainly waited for their order.

Watch the video below:

Yung hindi kayo pinapansin para linisan table niyo, okay sige ako na! Ako na mag lilinis! 😂May pahatid pa yan sainyo ah. 😂#SelfService#Chowking

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