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Rufa Mae Quinto’s Acceptance Speech Goes Viral

All of us experienced being invited to attend and join formal events. When we say formal events, we get conscious immediately. From the way we dress, walk and talk, we always think of what other people in the formal event would think of us. We always consider how are they going to react to our self-presentation.
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This is one of the reasons why some people think that going to formal events is a kind of an intimidating experience. Not that they do not want to confirm attendance anymore but the fear of being watched is present and very obvious. We always think that one error would cause others to think we do not deserve to be there.

But not for the very famous comedian, Rufa Mae Quinto. She proved that being herself is enough to be liked and to be loved by many people. Rufa went viral after a video of her receiving an award from a formal event started to circulate. The actress proved that there is always a way to provide entertainment wherever and whenever.
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The video was uploaded on Facebook by a social media user named Allan Habon. The video already gained thousands of reactions and shares days after it was first seen on Facebook. The video was captured with, “And the award for ‘Best Acceptance Speech’ goes to… RUFA MAE QUINTO! Kung na-curious ka at any point in your life kung pa’no niya babakyain ang isang very pormalang awards night, ito na ‘yun (smiling emoji).”

The video started with the emcee asking the awardees for a short message. Rufa immediately stood by the microphone stand and started to thank the people who helped her have that award. The awarding ceremony was held at the University of Perpetual Help.

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She started her speech by mentioning her very famous and very iconic, “go go go wooooh todo na ‘to”. She then proceeded on thanking herself first and then the “University of Perpetual Help Help Hoooray”. This time, thre crowd went wild and everyone seemed to have fun with the comedian.

Watch the rest of the video here:



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