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Mariel Padilla Shows Off “Venice Grand Canal” In Their Own Home

The homes of the famous celebrities and showbiz personalities are one of the things that fans and supporters love to see. For some fans, knowing what the homes of their favorite artists look like is something that would keep their idols close to them. That is why fans and supporters always look forward in knowing what their homes look like.

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Other people also consider homes of the celebrities as the measurement of their success. Since homes are considered investment, many people think that when a celebrity purchased or created huge houses and mansions, it could mean that they are collecting decent properties for their next generations. Fans love to see how these homes and mansions look like.

Mariel Rodriguez Padilla and Robin Padilla are two of the most influential celebrities in showbiz. They are also very prominent and their love story was never hidden from the public. Even Mariel’s journey to her successful pregnancy was not considered a secret from her fans and supporters.
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Mariel lost her first babies for a couple of times. But she and her loving husband did not give up and when their Baby Isabella was given to them as a blessing, they are more than thankful. They loved Isabella so much that Mariel loves to share with her followers how she lives her everyday life with her babies. She loves to share on Instagram how their daily life goes.

It is very obvious that Mariel and Robin are doing their best to give all the best in life for their very first daughter. Isabella is very dear and special to the couple that Mariel and Robin gave her a house that is so grand that their version of the very famous Venice Grand Canal exists inside of it!

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Mariel shared this through Instagram and captioned her posts with, “Our Saturday morning bonding: Family boat ride. thank you daddy @robinhoodpadilla for @mariaisabelladepadilla ‘s boat.”

SOURCE: Instagram

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