Connor Wilson Consunji, The Son Of Maggie Willson And Billionaire Victor Consunji

One of the most unforgettable celebrity weddings is when 2007 Bb. Pilipinas Maggie Wilson got married with real state scion and businessman Victor Consunji. It was one of the most glamorous weddings in the showbiz industry.
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On February 2012, baby Connor came to life and it was the perfect gift for them. But what’s baby Connor doing right now?

Let’s meet Connor Wilson Consunji, the handsome some of Maggie and Victor Consunji that can be a future heartthrob in showbiz.

These photos will show you how good looking he is.

As you can see, he really has the looks of a future heartthrob and girl will surely go crazy on him. Besides being a good looking boy, he also loves nature and participated in a cleanup project in a beach that was organized by the World Wild Fund of the Philippines.
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His mommy Wilson really love him so much that he was already missed by her and it was posted on Instagram

“I was just cuddling with him yesterday but I miss him already.. can’t believe he’s already 6 and a half! Where has time gone? #connor”

Connor and mommy Wilson loves to bond in the beach and the look so adorable. His daddy Victor also loves to have a quality time with him and it can be seen from these photos.

He also loves fishing and he is brave enough to the point that he wants to ride a horse.
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He have the “porma” and own style of wearing a plaid shirt and he even looks good while wearing long hair.

If he is not going to be in showbiz or a model, he wants to be a good pilot someday.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

What can you say about this handsome son of Maggie and Victor? What do you think about his future? Share us your thoughts below.

SOURCE: GMAnetwork

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