Office Worker Went Viral Because Of His Unique Way Of Hiding While Sleeping

Many people find it difficult to adjust after they graduated from college. College is supposed to be the stage where we are being prepared with what the “real world” would look like. This is where we should be learning how to deal with different factors that may affect how we mature as adults.

After college, the real world that they are probably talking about is our offices. Adulting is a very difficult stage and sometimes, it causes a lot of stress and pressure to some people, especially for those who just recently graduated and do not have any clue how hard it is to work.

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When the time comes that we are employed, we would realize that we need all the rest we could have in a small amount of time. There will be times when we can no longer sleep properly and on time. There will come a day that an hour of sleep is something we would be thankful for all the gods.

Many of us are deprived of sleeping especially in a working environment. But this cool dude out here seemed to have the best strategy so you could enjoy dreaming without making your boss mad. You will go unnoticed and hopefully, you will get to have the rest you want.

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Just to clear the air, we are in no way encouraging this practice. But let’s take a moment to appreciate the effort and the wits dedicated to create this video.

The video was uploaded by social media user, Fernan Manalo. He captioned the video with, “ka opisina mong madiskarte”.

The video showed how a perfectly angled picture can actually help you hide from your boss while sleeping. The video was created with pure genius and pure intention of creating entertainment. And with the netizen’s positive reaction, it seemed these genius workers are successful with their goal.

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Here are the comments from the netizens:

Watch the video below:

ka opisina mong madiskarte.

Posted by Fernan Manalo on Friday, October 5, 2018


Source: Facebook

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