Video Ng Mga Gwapong Lalaki, Nagviral Dahil Sa Kanilang Pagrampa Bilang Mga Ms. Universe

The Philippines is a huge fan of beauty pageants. We are very supportive of our own Filipina and Filipino beauties who join beauty contests around the globe. In fact, we also organize our own beauty contests in our barangays. Out contests range for all gender. We have the popular beauty contests for the female and male gender and we are also very open in creating pageants for gays and lesbians.

Beauty pageants is one of our source of entertainment and we always love to watch and support our bets. Although many of us do not really believe in one standard of beauty, we are always proud that many other nationalities find our countrymen beautiful.

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Our love for beauty pageants and beauty contests intensified when our own Pia Wurtzbach bagged the Miss Universe title in 2015. Her winning moment became controversial and it became the center of attention for many. But it proved that the Filipinos are up for international challenges.

Now that the 2018 Miss Universe coronation is just months away, many of us are already preparing for this historical event. In fact, a video of men ramping with their long gowns as if they are in the pageant went viral.

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The video was uploaded by social media user Mick Ramirez. The video gained a lot of comments from the netizens and it gained so much love from the people who watched it.

The video showed men in their long gown, poised with grace, walking sexy and smiling perfectly just like Miss Universe contestants. They were wearing elegant gowns and the way they pose for the camera shows they are ready to win any pageant.

Many social media users shared their opinions regarding the video. They said that these guys should join real beauty pageants because they may bag the crown. They said that they are really good in acting like a real beauty queen.

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Watch the video below:

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