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Isang Aso, Viral Dahil Sa Kanyang Kakaibang Reaksyon Na Para Bang Laging Mainit Ang Ulo

Dogs are adorable pets to have at home. They are very famous animals known to be very close with humans. Their behavior is truly adorable and their wits and intelligence are also beneficial for some people. We love dogs because we can communicate with them easily and they have a very incredible and very high rate of loyalty.

A dog recently caught the attention of many social media users because of its peculiar response to its owner. The dog became very iconic that several memes were born out of his viral video. and there are many social media users who did not just watch the video but actually shared to their other friends.

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The video showed a funny owner conversing with his dog who was eating. In the beginning of the video, the owner gave his dog a bowl full of dog food he prepared himself. It can be seen that every dog will enjoy the bowl of whatever he prepared.

When he handed the bowl to his pet dog, at first, everything is just pretty normal. Just a dog eating his lunch and nothing more extraordinary happened. The odd moment happened when the owner started asking several questions.

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He asked the dog if he liked what he prepared. But it seemed the dog can understand his owner and does not want to be bothered while eating, instead of just barking or staring, he was actually grinning as if he gets irritated and angry with his owner’s question. The conversation went on like this for several minutes.

Every time the owner would asked him about his food, the dog would grin and would show that he is not happy being asked.

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There are many social media users who gave their reactions towards the video. Some of them were entertained while some of them criticized the owner. Those who were entertained said that the owner should not be bothering the dog with his full lunch. Those who criticized the owner pointed out that fact that the dog was tied and cannot freely roam around. They said that the irritation might be coming from that fact.

Watch the video below:

Yung aso mong mainitin ang ulo. Hahahaha 😂😂😂🎥: Vox Rubio

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