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TRENDING: Video Ng Isang Batang Hamog, Inulan Ng Iba’t-Ibang Komento Dahil Sa Kanyang Ginawa Sa Loob Ng Jeep

We cannot blame children for ended up being in the streets. Sometimes, people think that the reason why children as innocent as angels end up in the street are their parents. Some of us would think that their mothers or fathers should be blamed for what happened to them. Some of us would mention poverty and eventually, the government.

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We would often encounter children asking some alms from us. Every day, we would see a homeless child asking food or money from a stranger. They often do this because some of them are left with no choice. As much as they would want to work and not capitalize on sympathy, their small and fragile body just cannot handle any work load.

In some instance, you would encounter a kid singing or dancing in exchange of some coins. But this kid in Cebu took it to another level by performing a scene from one of the most famous TV series in the Philippines, “Ang Probinsyano”. The video went viral and many social media users were entertained with what this kid can do.

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The video seemed to have taken inside a jeepney. A little boy can be heard singing and performing the scene where Alyana, Yassi Pressman’s character and Cardo, Coco Martin’s role, decided to end their relationship. The little boy was throwing lines lifted from the scene with matching emotions and tears. Not only is he acting but he is also singing. He is also performing the very popular song from the TV series, “Huwag Ka Nang Umiyak” in between of his skit. Because of his entertaining talent and his ability to express vivid emotions, he was tagged as the little Cardo Dalisay of Cebu.

Many of social media users expressed happiness when they saw the video. They said that this little Cardo has a very bright future in showbiz if he would only be given the right opportunity and the proper training to enhance more of his abilities. Some people even requested Coco Martin to help the kid.

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Watch the video below:


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