Video Ng Isang Magandang Babae, Nagviral Dahil Sa Sinayaw Nito Habang Na Sa Baha

The rainy season has once again hit the country and it certainly left a mark this time. For a number of days, we experienced numerous rains that lasted from the day all the way until night time. This amount of rainfall of course, later on, led to numerous places in the country immersed in water. Despite this, it seems as if Filipinos have gotten used to it through the years. A clear example of this is seen with this girl does the most unusual thing while walking in the flood.

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The Philippines is known for its “resiliency” in times of crisis. Most of the time, these words are mentioned whenever typhoons hit the country. People from all over the world see that no matter how high flood levels are in some of our areas, we always seem to recover and carry on with our lives normally. At times some of us even find time to entertain ourselves in these situations.


In another post that went viral all over social media, we see a certain girl who decided to have a little fun in the flood. In the said post, we see a certain village submerged under water. To add to that, we see the mentioned girl standing amidst its flooded streets. Later on, we start to hear music in the background. A little bit into hearing the beats, we realize that the song playing is none other than “Boom Boom” by the world-famous Korean Pop group “Momoland”.


Apparently, this girl decided to join in the latest dance craze as well. Throughout the video, she was able to perform the dance steps with ease despite the flood being almost in level with her knees. She even managed to move around from one place to another and not just stay in one station as she danced.


This post immediately went viral as it gathered around 20,000 reactions, 2,000 comments, and 13,000 shares. People had mixed feelings regarding what they just watched. Some were fairly entertained, while some were concerned. We all know the risks of being exposed to murky flood water.


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The video surely showed how well Filipinos can react despite very difficult situations. Hopefully, the girl who was featured in it did not contract any health problems after pulling off that stunt. We always remember to be very cautious in all the things that we do. It is good to have fun once in a while but it has its limits as well.


Watch the video here.

Momoland Boom Boom Baha version

Momoland Boom Boom Baha versionWe should see the positivity of things, even in the problematic times of our life.. -Preet😊(c) Lorna Singh

Posted by Trend Ngayon on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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