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Isang Grupo Ng Mga Kalalakihan Hindi Alam Kung Pano Pipigilin Ang Nagwawalang Bagay Na Ito

There’s no doubt that machines have made our lives more efficient. These incredible mechanisms have helped us effortlessly finish any difficult jobs. Although many people are scared of how these devices are slowly dominating us, we still fantasize its usage and capacity. Even in our daily chores, these technologies have made our routine more efficient.

Recently, a Facebook user has uploaded a video that shows how dangerous these machines can be. But even though it looked very dangerous, this clip has also brought laughter to millions of netizens.

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In the video uploaded, several men were trying to stop an uncontrollable concrete power trowel. This heavy equipment is used to create a level, smooth finish on a large, flat area of concrete. Although it wasn’t clear how it all started, some men decided to stop it to avoid any casualties.

At first, some of them held huge plastic and wooden sticks. They tried to poke the trowel but have sadly failed. They also tried throwing bags of cement but they also got the same result.

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All of them were extra cautious not to get near the machine. This can seriously hurt anyone and can end tragically, that’s why this group of men did their best to find a solution.

At last, one of them threw a huge plastic to cover the entire machine. A few seconds later, its sharp blades have been stuck on the plastic causing it to stop working.

Thankfully, no one was hurt during their attempt and that they have successfully stopped the machine before it hurt anyone. Netizens also cheered for their group’s success. While some expressed how funny their “battle” had looked like.

Watch the video below:

Akai Vs Limang ZilongPlus maraming Gord 😂😂😂

Posted by Bryann Vun on Monday, September 17, 2018

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