Nakakatindig ng balahibong eksena! Isang Babae, Kinulam Ng Sariling Kaibigan Dahil Sa Inggit

In this world, there are certainly a lot of things that remain a mystery. Despite all of the things that the greatest minds have revealed and taught to us in the past, there are still a lot of phenomenons that stay unexplainable up to this day. One of these things is witchcraft. Though a lot of its instances have been debunked in the past, there are still some situations that make them look believable.


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In yet another video that is quickly circulating all over the internet, we witness these two conspiracies once again. In the said post, we see a pregnant woman sitting down on a chair surrounded by her family. A certain healer sat in front of her. According to stories, the woman was suffering from inevitable pain. This led to the assumption that she was under some sort of witchcraft.


Because of this, the healer decide to perform a special operation. He chanted out words that supposedly summoned the source of the pain the woman was experiencing. According to reports, the healer ordered this certain source to enter the woman’s body so that he could communicate with it and ask some questions.


After a heated confrontation, the healer found out that the source of all the “evil” was the pregnant woman’s best friend. Later on, he found out that the reason behind why her best friend was inflicting her pain was “jealousy”. The healer continued with more methods to finish the whole procedure. In the end, the summoned entity of the best friend was commanded to ask for forgiveness.


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No one really knew what as going on but it really seemed believable. The video instantly went viral as thousands of netizens shared their opinions online. Of course, there were mixed reactions between those who believed and those who did not. We really cannot explain what happened so we’ll just let you be the judge of everything. Hopefully, the pregnant woman is fine as she draws nearer to giving birth.

Watch the video here!

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