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Isang Lalaki, Halos Mapasigaw Sa Sobrang Taranta Matapos Siyang Pagtripan Ng Kanyang Girlfriend

It’s never a bad time for pranks. Well, that’s not true, it depends on the prank. In a Facebook viral, a woman dressed up as Valak to pull a prank on someone inside their house. With the help of who we can assume was her brother, they were able to prank a man who just got home from work.

The post did not specify if the man was the father of the woman who initiated the prank. But it attracted enough audiences because of the way the man hilariously reacted to the prank.

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The video started with the preparation for the prank. The woman who was already dressed up as Valak was placing the camera to their desired place. Then, the little boy helped her get inside their closet. After that, the boy turned all the lights in the room off.

Five minutes later, a man who seemed to have just arrived home from work entered the room. He removed his shoes and proceeded to the closet where his surprise was waiting.

As soon as he opened the closet, he screamed and was obviously shaken up by the prank. The little boy and the prankster started laughing after their successful joke.

In other news, a known prosthetic artist also dressed up as Valak with a different intention. Prince De Guzman, the artist who is known for his transformations, went to the cinemas dressed as Valak. Instead of scaring the moviegoers who went to see the film, he came dressed up to give them a unique movie experience.

He also was popular for dressing up as Pennywise from the movie “IT” where he also came to cinemas to pretty much do the same. Only “IT” came out before the film “The Nun.”

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It’s actually quite impressive how some people would go the extra mile to pull a prank. Like the woman in the viral video who put the effort in dressing up as a popular scary character. Pranks are not easy to pull off. Sometimes, it really takes a lot of effort and convincing. So kudos to people who can actually pull them off.

Read the netizens comments below:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA P*** LAPTRIP mamatay matay ako kakatawa 😂😂😂

Posted by Coline Ruiz on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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