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WATCH: Video Ng Lalaking Pulis, Nagviral Sa Social Media Dahil Sa Takot Nito Sa Tusok Ng Karayom

We can all agree that the police are one of the most well-respected people out there. All of us know that they are one of the physical embodiments of bravery. Every day, they risk their lives just to make sure that our citizens are safe. And even though some look up to them and think that they are “superheroes,” at the end of the day, these brave men and women are human as well. And just like everyone else, they have their own set of fears and apprehensions as well.


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The public saw an example of this in a video uploaded on “BuhayLespu,” a social media page. In the said video, we see a member of the police going through a medical procedure. You could see the fear written all over his face as he could not even look at the needle that was about to enter his body.


The people present in the are could not help but laugh at their comrade. Perhaps they did not expect this from a man who had the image of bravery in his line of profession. As the needle went inside him, he made radical facial expressions that may have seemed exaggerated but were all true. This policeman was certainly not fond of needles.


To be fair, being scared of these kinds of things is really a common thing in this world. There is nothing to be ashamed of the things that we are scared of. What is important is that we learn to face them when the moment arises. At the end of the day, we are 100% sure that this member of the police is still brave to the bones.

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Hopefully, he overcomes his fear of needles. Nonetheless, it is still okay if he does not. As said earlier, we are all humans. We have our own personal strengths and weaknesses and there is nothing wrong with that.

Watch the video here!

Yung Pulis👮 na hindi takot sa KRIMINAL pero TAKOT sa TUSOK ng KARAYOM💉 😂😂😂 Ganito ka rin ba?😂📹 ©ReVien Lusad

Posted by BuhayLespu on Monday, September 17, 2018

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