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Isang Lalaki, Masayang Naglalaro Sa Pabitin Nang Bigla Itong Mangyari Na Talagang Nagpatawa Sa Marami

Us Filipinos have been known for our homegrown festivals and celebrations. In fact, every barrio or city in the country has its own commemoration of patron saints or some sort of occasion that is traditionally or annually observed. Also, celebrating a fiesta enable us to socialize with our friends, neighbors, and fellow natives. This is why most of us end up partaking in games and competitions organized by our local officials during those moments of festivities.

Recently, a Maguindanao resident uploaded their community’s funny experience during one of their feasts. She uploaded the humorous video on Facebook and immediately gained attention.

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In the uploaded video, a group of men stacked themselves up to reach the hanging object. The latter is often the prize to be won. Through their teamwork, one of them was able to reach the reward. But a few a seconds later, almost all of them fell to the ground.

When everyone else fell, one of them was left hanging and clutching to the reward. But that wasn’t the funniest part yet. Apparently, one of the teammates attempted to save himself getting a hold of the man by his shorts. Unfortunately, the guy’s bottom-wear slipped through his legs and revealed his underwear, for each and every one of his fellow locals to see. He had no choice then but to deal with his situation. After all, he wouldn’t be able to let go of the hanging object or else he’d fall to the ground just like the rest of his team.

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The audience instantly burst into laughter after seeing his funny state. Some of them even took out their phones to document the hilarious incident. Thankfully though, his teammates helped him reach the ground safely.

Here are some of the netizens’ sentiments:

Watch the hilarious clip below.

*wait till the end* Hahahahaha

Posted by Alil Mamarinta on Thursday, September 13, 2018

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