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HULI SA CCTV: Video Ng Isang Lalaking Ginamit Ang Scanner Ng Grocery Para Ipangsindi Ng Kanyang Yosi, Nagviral

If there’s such thing as Life Hacks, there are also Life Fails. These are moments you wish to do-over because it’s too humiliating to live with. In a Facebook post, a CCTV footage of a man went viral. The man hilariously used the scanner from a cash register to light up his cigarette.

The viral video was posted by a Facebook page named M A B A N G G I s. As of writing, it reached 2.5 million views and was shared 68,000 times.

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The man on the video seemed to have just bought a stick of cigarette. From the looks of it, he asked where he could light his cigar. On the CCTV footage, one of the store’s clerk pointed to the direction of the scanner.

At first, the man doubted that the scanner could light up his cigarette, which he now knows he should’ve trusted. However, he still picked it up at a slow pace and tried to use it to light his cigar. Hilariously, after not being able to light it, he got confused and seemed to tell the clerks it wasn’t working.

He held the scanner a little longer while the clerks pointed where the actual lighter was. As soon as he saw the lighter, he lit up his cigar and left immediately.

Many of the netizens who saw the video joked that it was the result of being a smoker. Some said that what made the video even funnier was the music attached to it which was “Ako’y Sabog Na” by a known local rapper.

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In conclusion, the lesson is simply to pay attention to avoid being in a humiliating situation. Also, be careful with CCTVs because they could be anywhere.

Read the netizens reactions below:


Posted by M A B A N G G I s on Saturday, July 14, 2018

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