Dalawang Kamote MMDA Enforcer, Ang Nagviral Matapos Silang Sitahin Ng Isang Motorista Dahil Sa Violation Nila

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) holds a great responsibility for the cities of Metro Manila, often propagating traffic rules and regulations. Nowadays, MMDA enforcers always seem to be in the news almost every day. In social media, videos of them scolding motorists who commit violations are becoming viral.

But now, things seem to turn around. A concerned motorist posted a video on Facebook that featured two MMDA enforcers. On the clip, the motorist is the one telling the traffic enforcers what road violations they are doing. They were driving on the C5 road in front of the San Beda north bound going to Commonwealth when it happened.

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The motorist told the MMDA enforcers that the light on their motorcycle are blinking. On the road, often times, blinking lights are done to imply that the motorist is in a hurry and needs to get ahead of other vehicles. But if not necessary, head lights should always just be stable, otherwise you are already committing a traffic violation.

Another thing noticed by the motorist is that one of the MMDA enforcers was wearing his helmet the wrong way. The motorist told the two MMDA enforcers that he will get their plate number to report it to the authorities. He even asked them to step aside so they can talk properly. However, the two traffic enforcers just kept driving.

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Then, the MMDA enforcer that was driving said that he doesn’t have a plate number. It made the motorist even more mad and said that he will get their information. The MMDA enforcers then went near him and asked for his license. The motorist proudly said that he is complete with legal papers. Then he was asked if he is a brother or someone that is part of the MMDA’s team. The motorist then said no and that he is just an ordinary concerned citizen.

He then mentioned that the two are being filmed. The motorist reminded them of the violations they did and said that they will see each other again in their office. Netizens praised the motorist for standing up to what is right. Here’s what some of them have to say:

Watch the video here:

Posted by Ton de Jesus on Friday, August 31, 2018

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