WATCH: ‘Nakakakilabot!’ Isang Ligaw Na Kaluluwa, Nakunan Umano Ng CCTV Camera?

For people, their house serves as a sanctuary where they could be at ease. Staying in the comfort of your home feels safer than going outside. However, this family thinks differently with their own abode. Instead of finding peace, they experienced nothing but intense fear in all the corners of their home. Things got more shocking after figuring out that a ghost was the reason behind the eerie atmosphere looming over them.

Through a CCTV footage, Pamela Carter, 28 years old and her husband Ricky Carter, 38 years old from Henderson, Kentucky saw a man walking down their street. They thought he was only a normal person not until he suddenly disappeared out of thin air!

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However, his spooky appearance did not end there. After two nights, Pamela claimed that she saw the same apparition. Scared of what was happening, their family considered leaving the house.

I have considered moving out if things keep happening. I’m very frightened.

Eventually, they found out that the ghost disturbing them lives in their neighbors’ house. This is after hearing weird noises coming from the house even when the owners were outside working.

Our neighbors work nights and we heard someone running from one end to the other. We went over to get the woman’s grandmother who owns their trailer and no-one was in there.

The woman next door learned about the ghost and she claimed that there was a ghost residing with them.

We heard that you heard our ghost. There’s a ghost that lives in our house.

The strange entity not only showed itself through the surveillance camera. Pamela insisted that it also moved things inside their residence.

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It exhibited poltergeist-like behavior. The hostility of this specter intensified her worries for their two kids.

“My son and my daughter have seen the video. I try to play with them that it’s not a big deal. Grayson is scared of things like that but my daughter is big on it. She likes to watch scary movies. She likes stuff like that but my son’s doesn’t want any part of it.

Pamela has never felt comfortable in their own home since the disturbing incidents occurred. She preferred to be the one to stay away instead of messing up with the ghost.

It’s just weird. Whatever it is, I don’t want to mess with it. I haven’t been staying up late at night anymore.

It is really hard to explain how something like this happened to their family. However, it would be too early to doubt the captured footage of the alleged ghost and the claims of the Carters. Whether it is for real not, we could only hope that the family would regain peace inside their home.

Watch the video below:

On the other hand, here are the reactions from people online about the captured ghost.

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