THROWBACK: Take a look at Miss Universe 2018 contestant Catriona Gray’s Little Miss Philippines photos back in 1999!

The Philippines has proven itself to be one of the power houses in international beauty contests. With a total number of 14 crowns won all over the world, the Pearl of the Orient greatly takes pride in having already 3 Miss Universe titles under its belt. There is no doubt that our country is home to just some of the most beautiful and inspirational women in the world. Our latest Miss Universe representative, Miss Catriona Gray, is well on her way in making the country prouder than it already is. But before doing so, let us take a look at how far our Binibining Pilipinas has gone since the start of her career.

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Catriona as we all know, is not born a full Filipino. She is actually half Austrailian as well. She is an actress, a host, an artist and a model. Gray was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and Miss World Philippines 2016. In Miss World, the multi-talented lady was able to land a spot in the Top-5 of the contest. Now, the whole country is behind her back as she aims to be called the rightful heir to the Miss Universe 2018 crown.

Catriona clearly has a chance in winning it all because of a recent post that has been making quite a buzz all around social media. Apparently, the current Ms. Philippines has already been competing in prestigious beauty contests ever since she was a just a girl! She shared some snapshots of her stint in Little Miss Philippines back in 1999. Catriona claimed that she has never seen these photos in her life before. Because of this, she praised her fans for being able to dig down some of her very ancient yet precious moments.

The photos of ’99 clearly show her true potential in the world of beauty pageants. It is also a great reminder of humble beginnings that make people truly appreciate where they are now. We wish nothing but the best for Ms. Catriona Gray in the coming Miss Universe 2018. We are already proud of what you have done for the country.

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Source: GMA, FashionPulis

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