Girlfriend asking for goodbye bites tongue of her ex boyfriend instead

Being in a relationship is tough. It involves sacrificing your time, effort, and money. Yes, it’s fun to have someone around to go to movies with and to cuddle with but times get tough. What’s even harder than having a relationship is ending one. It’s that moment when one of you realizes it’s not working out anymore, and one of you ends up broken. There are different ways of handling a breakup. It will all depend on you and how the relationship has affected your life.

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In China, a woman who got her heart broken by her boyfriend requests a goodbye kiss. What she does after resulted to her boyfriend in a hospital bed.

A 23-year old Chinese man, who was identified with the surname Liu, broke up with his girlfriend in public. His then girlfriend, who was identified as Ms. Zhou, asked him for a goodbye kiss. As a favor, the man agreed and gave her, her last wish. As soon as their lips locked, the woman locked her teeth onto his tongue and refused to let it go. A netizen was able to record a video that showed the man siting on the street while the woman was biting his tongue. It was also evident in the video that the man was clearly in deep pain but it didn’t stop the woman from biting him.

Since Zhou wasn’t budging, it left the authorities no choice but to use a pepper spray. Once she finally let go of his tongue, she remained lying on the floor as Liu was sent to the hospital. Fortunately, reports say that Liu did not suffer any serious or permanent injuries.

The parents of Ms. Zhou revealed that she suffered and was treated for a mental illness in the past. They also added that she has fully recovered since then.

Watch the video below:

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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