Young girl at McDonald’s was seen wearing pyjamas, judged by netizens

Experiencing comfort is very personal and sometimes, it means that you have to ignore what other people say about you. You can wear and eat whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. Recently, a young girl proved how far she’s willing to go for to feel at ease and comfort.

On the Facebook page “Definitely Filipino”, a young girl was photographed ordering her food at a local McDonald’s branch. However, what captured the attention of people was the fact that she was only wearing pajamas with a towel wrapped around her upper body.

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Yes, we agree that this is a questionable fashion choice every time you are outside, whether it’s at McDonald’s or any other fast food chains. However, this young girl didn’t deserve the criticism she got that day. Some people were saying that this customer lacked decency and manners.

It’s quite surprising how much negativity this person is getting. The woman in the pictures is now being judged by society just because of the pajamas she decided to wear when she went to a popular fast-food chain. Netizens are even calling her names without even knowing who she really is.

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It’s great that there are those who defended the girl by telling people to mind their own business. Some even assumed that this young girl lived nearby and considered this particular McDonald’s branch as her second home.

Whatever the reason is, no one should judge someone they barely know. She could be in a hurry, running late for an errand, or just really feel like pulling off pajamas.

One thing is for sure though, what the woman wore in the picture is really better than wearing nothing at all. And yet, whatever people decide to be looked at, surely the society is there is to judge. Even if it means to have the comfort of your own.

Here are the netizens’ reaction:

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Source: Definitely Filipino

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