Young girl with a severe case of chickenpox goes viral on social media

Disheartening images of a young girl with a severe case of chickenpox named Evie-Beth Taylor took the internet by storm.

As seen in the pictures courtesy by Lianne Taylor—the mother, the 5-year-old child had the worst case of chickenpox, as told by the doctors.

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In fact, she screamed in pain whenever touched. She also couldn’t eat and drink properly and she even couldn’t breathe.

“It was really traumatic seeing Evie-Beth like this. She was struggling to breathe because she was so blocked up with mucus that went really hard.”

“We couldn’t get near her to wash her down or clean it away because she was screaming in pain. The spots just kept coming and coming. Even when she was in the hospital the doctors were coming in every day and she was coming out with more and more spots.”

So as a result, Lianne Taylor immediately rushed her daughter Darlington Memorial Hospital. However, she claimed to be treated like an overacting parent by the hospital.

According to her, she and her daughter were turned away and told them to wait for 10 days for the antibiotics to take effect.

Driven by desperation, she brought her daughter to the GP. Luckily, the hospital accepted them this time.

“They said this is really bad, any later and it would have been a different situation. They took her blood and put her in isolation. The consultant sat us down and said it might not be chickenpox but could be a very rare genetic disease.”

“They were going to have to transfer her over to Durham Hospital, where they could test her for it. It was very worrying. We got her across to Durham, where consultants came in and confirmed it was chickenpox but they didn’t know why it was so bad.”

To her explained, the doctors doubt the severity of the chicken. It made them think that it is caused a harmless bug—or worst rare genetic abnormality. However. The doctors were wrong when the medical test result came out.

As of now, Evie-Beth Taylor is now happy and healthy but she is still bothered by the scars left by the severe chickenpox.

“She is a happy bouncy girl. What upsets me most is that she does say she looks funny now and that’s heartbreaking to hear. I still tell her she’s beautiful even though she’s got these scars. She doesn’t have a lot but there are many of them on her face.”

“Luckily I can tell her its fine. I had chickenpox as a kid, not nearly as bad, but I have scars on my forehead. I tell her she hasn’t noticed that about me before so other people won’t notice that about her.”

The County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, on the other hand, sent out their apologies.

“We are sorry if this has been the experience in this case.’ The trust also said they are willing to talk to the family if they wish.”

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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Source: Daily Mail

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