Netizen claims to the real person behind an internet meme!

With the advent of social media, Internet memes have become so popular that you could unknowingly become one, even without your consent. Whatever the context of your situation or the type of reaction you have, you could be an Internet meme as long as people love it.

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However, there are times when popular sites don’t give credit to the person behind the viral video or photo. With this in mind, we couldn’t forget the famous Internet meme about a high school student who was caught ugly-crying during his graduation ceremony.

In case you still have seen this clip yet, there is an ongoing debate about the real identity of this trending personality. Amidst all the questions, a certain person by the name of John Mire Guardiana firmly claimed that he was the man behind this viral meme. As seen on his now-deleted Facebook post, John hurled a lengthy statement against the posers who claimed that they were the stars of the video sensation:

“Identity Thief. It is actually the illegal use of someone else identity or information, especially to obtain credits the other people—or to what transactions it might have.”

Not wanting to let these people get away with what they’ve done, the man cited Section Two of the Article Two from the Bill of Rights under the Philippine Constitution. Then, he continued on with his rant.

He said:

“I might be wrong with this. But I think, altering someone’s identity is not good. Yes, it might not impact me a lot as of this moment. But maybe, in the long run.”

At the end of the lengthy statement, John Mire Guardiana informed all the people that he has images that will prove his claims over the famous Internet meme.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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Source: Pilipinonews

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