Man vs. Rooster! Who do you think will win?

People are always looking for a good source of genuine laughter. And sometimes, people chose to do random things to intentionally ridicule themselves and provide other people something to laugh about.

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We are all familiar with the idea of cockfighting. This pseudo-sport is illegal in some places because it’s a form of gambling. More often than not, this sport involves a huge amount of money. Two cocks are set in a cockpit to fight each other until one of them couldn’t stand anymore or sometimes, dies. The gambling part of this sport relies on betting which cock will win. A blood sport for the feathered creatures to simply put it.

Well, in this video, the guy seems to be interested on how it feels like to fight a cock. Yes, you read that right. He put up a fight against a rooster, and it became viral.

The 20-second clip features a short man and a rooster. At first glance, one might think that the man owns the rooster and they just decided to go for a stroll on a warm sunny day.

But expect the unexpected! The man suddenly positioned himself in a fighting position and kick the rooster. But no need to worry, the guy does not have any intention of hurting the rooster for real. He is just trying to scare it and provoke it into attacking him back.

The rooster then decided to fight back. The man kick the animal again and the rooster met the man’s kick with its own. Their action was repeated several times during the duration of the video. It became even more hilarious because the two of them looked really serious with their fight and no one wants to back down.

The video was abruptly cut while the two were still fighting. Guess we’ll never know who won.

Take a look at the said video and see for yourself!


hahaha 😂😂😂ctto

Posted by PISKI KA on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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